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15 Best Online Jobs for Teenagers

Have you ever imagined about the possibility of online jobs for teenagers besides spending countless time online for your social hangout or research for assignments. By doing some little online jobs you will be able to earn handsome cash and even a great career. As a college student; working from home gives you the freedom of no time satiation, no bosses and no rules. You can get rid of office and working under a boss with full of pressure. And then, you might think how to get a job that makes the miracle happen and obtain you some extra bucks.

Question in the mindWhat Are The Best Online Jobs for Teenagers?

Yes, it’s a billion dollars worthy question for you.

Okay, those days are gone; waiting for summer jobs throughout the year has become old fashioned. We are living the most blessed age of history, don’t we? So take the opportunity by simply using your time, effort and a little skill with your secure internet connection. Let’s start; make some money by moving here and there on the web. Let’s know what are the most suitable online jobs for teenagers that you can start easily without having any prior skills.

What if all of your daily loving activities become your online job and earning source? Ohh! Sounds silly? Yes, you can earn money by doing the same things you love in online as a job!

15 Best Online Jobs for Teenagers

6 Best Freelancing Online Jobs for Teenagers without Any Specific Skill

1. Freelance Writing jobs

You do write daily assignments for your academic purpose, you can make money by doing the same thing online for people. They will pay you quite a decent. You can do this job as part time or full time.  Be an independent writer; hunt your favorite writing jobs right now from the marketplaces.

2. Email Processing Job

Yes Email processing, you will love to be an e-mail processor? Your work here is to check and reply the e-mails and go through the data and information included on the e-mails. Once, you successfully process and send e-mails, thus you will be paid depends on per e-mail.

3. Data Entry Jobs

I don’t have any other skills unless the silly typing and document processing!! Come on, don’t blame your skills. Go to the next lines pleaseOne of the main advantages of data entry job is you don’t have to be necessarily expert to any skill except typing and basic data processing application. If you are looking for some quick money then it could be one of  the best online jobs for teenagers.

4. Virtual assistant (VA)

You are already a citizen of the virtual world, don’t react yes you are. Thousands of businesses around the globe now running virtually and you can become a virtual worker of these businesses. You can make your home as an office if you want. It is estimated that there are 25,000 virtual assistants worldwide. As a virtual assistant you can get secretarial, medical, legal and other admin work as administrative job.

5. Online marketing jobs

In the contemporary era, marketing plays a huge part online to promote product and service. Online marketing helps to boost someone’s business and you can help them to promote. Process like- direct marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and email marketing is not so difficult to learn as teen. This could be a good option of online jobs for teenagers if you eventually achieve experience on it.

6. Designing job

If you are creative and willing to work for other, then freelancing could be the best way to show your creativity. Thousands of websites and blogs are building everyday and they need logo or banner designer . Leaning good quality design is not any big deal for you. Choose your path and search for appropriate jobs.

Where to find freelancing online jobs for teenagers:  As you have seen some of freelancing jobs you can do easily without any major skill,  one question may arise in your mind -where to find them?  Go to following site oDesk or Elance. You probably heard about them. These two are mostly renewed and trustworthy online market place among hundreds of others where thousands of jobs are posted each day. Go ahead and make the difference.

6 Interesting Alternative of Online Jobs for Teenagers

7. Online Survey Jobs

Survey job is mainly associated with answering some questionnaires that help a company or business entity to receive data from consumer about their products and service. You will have some forms or questions and have to answer these questions as a main duty of online survey job. This one considered as most effortless and popular jobs in virtual market.

Where to find online survey jobs: You need to be careful here because lots of survey sites are doing scam these days. Do some research and find the best trustworthy one for you.

8. Video Blogging

Create a YouTube channel and upload your different funny moments, scenarios, happenings and parties clip. Yes, this is called video blogging what you can do easily. Once you will have a lot of views on your videos you can put ads on your channel; that’s a creative way of earning extra bucks. That’s how you can make some worth from your loving video shooting.

9. Blogging

Are you interested in sharing your daily life or your knowledge or interest with billions of web traffic around the word? If you love to make a valuable community around people and interact with them by providing good value of content; it can be a rewarding ways of earning money for you.

10. Blogging with others

If you find it hard to manage your own blog setup, do it in renowned place like hubpage, squiddo where many people around the world are blogging.

11. Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is one of the big market place that is offering hundreds of simple and easy jobs every day that anybody can do.

12. Micro worker

Yes they have some job offers that is really micro and you can do it by simply registering. This website mainly provides data entry or social marketing jobs.

Selling What you Have Got: 4 Creative Alternatives of Online Jobs for Teenagers

13. Sell your creativity

I know you are creative; you make beautiful paints, take good photo and more. You make these just for fun. If you meet the previous sentences thumbs up for you because you can sell your creativity online. Sell photography on a stock photo site or Etsy.

14. Selling your service

Lots of sites like Fiver gives people opportunity to sell their expertise as small service package. Do you have sweet design sense? Or can you make an interactive design like Logos, banners, cartoon characters, multimedia presentations or some more. Many professional people like graphics or web designer selling their service in this creative way.

15. Selling others products   (Affiliate Marketing)

Are you interested in helping to sell someone online product or service and get paid. Affiliate marketing means promoting someone’s product by sending them a buyer and getting a commission for each sale or referral.

Selling stuffs on eBay (bonus)

You must hear this lot of time, so this goes in extra list (huh). If you haven’t then you should do it because you earn a decent amount of money by doing this. Start by selling your unnecessary stuffs and then buy one at a cheap price and repeat this process.

How to Get Your First Online Jobs As a Teenager

Felling information overloaded or wondering how to get your first job?  Okay to essence, it’s better to start with a single skill that your are interested in. Do freelancing jobs with that skill in any market place like a oDesk or Elance for some days. Then you can move to alternative or creative ways because it will need more learning and expertise.

This piece of writing was our humble try to help you out to get some better job ideas. If you feel it helps then don’t feel hesitate to share it with your friends and let them know.